High Schools

• Ashland High School Auditorium & Entry Addition
• Ashland High School Renovations
• Big Walnut High School
• Blanchester High School
• CPS Shroder High School
• CPS Aiken High School
• CPS Taft Information Technology High School
• CPS Gamble Montessori High School Renovation
• CCS Jr./Sr. High School Library Remodeling
• CCS Jr./Sr. High School Aerobics Remodeling
• CCS Jr./Sr. High School Campus Bookstore Remodeling
• Deer Park Senior High School Roof Replacement
• Groveport Madison High School
• Indian Hill High School Digital Lab and Media Center
• Kings High School & Jr. High School
• Kings High School Multi – Use & Storage Addition
• Kings High School – Guidance Office Remodeling
• Kings High School – Engineering Lab Remodeling
• Kings High School – Media Center Remodeling
• Lakota West High School – Alternative Renovation
• Lakota East High School – Media Center Remodeling
• Logan High School and Auditorium
• Loveland High School
• Loveland High School – Office Addition
• Loveland High School – Media Center & Café Renovation
• Mason High School & Community Center
• Mason High School Additions
• Sycamore High School Renovations
• Ursuline Academy Renovations

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Middle Schools

• Ashland Middle School
• Blanchester Middle/Intermediate School
• Kings Junior High School Cafe Addition
• Blanchester High School
• Little Miami Intermediate School
• Logan Middle School
• Loveland Intermediate School Additions
• Loveland Hurst Middle School Remodeling
• New Mason Intermediate Campus (5th – 6th Grade Building)
• New Mason Intermediate Campus (4th – 5th Grade Building)
• Mason Intermediate Campus Classroom Wing Addition
• Mason Intermediate Campus – Dining Addition (4th – 5th Grade Building)
• Mason Intermediate Interior Renovation (5th – 6th Grade Building)
• Mason Middle School
• Mason Middle School Renovations
• St. Ursula Villa Junior High School Addition

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Elementary & PK-12 Schools

• Ashland Reagan Elementary School
• Big Walnut Prairie Run Elementary School
• Blanchester LSD Jefferson Elementary School
• Blanchester LSD Putman Elementary School
• CPS Midway Elementary School
• CPS John P. Parker Elementary School
• Lakota Schools Creekside Early Childhood Interior Renovations
• Lakota Schools Shawnee Early Childhood Clinic Renovation
• Little Miami Schools Salem Elementary School Remodeling
• Logan Central Elementary School
• Logan Green Elementary School
• Loveland Primary & Elementary School
• Mason Early Childhood Center & Additions
• Milford Schools McCormick Elementary School
• Milford Schools Meadowview Elementary School
• Milford Schools Mulberry Elementary School
• Milford Schools Pattison Elementary School
• St. Ursula Villa Early Childhood Addition
• Sycamore Schools Blue Ash Elementary Media Center

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