The Master planning process is complex, dynamic, and often shaped by many forces. To deal with this, we take a cross-disciplinary approach which considers all dimensions of new construction, addition, or renovation projects. For nearly seven decades, we have collaborated with clients to achieve the common goals of sustainability, flexibility for long-term growth, and strategic realignment.

"Our knowledgable master planning team has successfully delivered projects for many types of master planning projects. Working in partnership with public & private entities, in the fields of education, civic, recreation, wellness and spiritual, we have successfully completed projects in some of the area’s most advanced master planning projects."

— Earl Crossland, Architect & Owner

Integrated Approach

Our experienced master planning and development experts deliver cutting-edge master planning, project management, site-specific design, and comprehensive site assessments for a wide range of clients. Each of our master planning solutions is economically viable as well as socially and environmentally responsible, and we take into account all challenges and opportunities to ensure that a site’s natural assets ensure a powerful, functional, and memorable environment.

"We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners and diverse project team members. By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can ensure a successful process from design conception through construction."

— Brian Gilliland, Architect & Owner

What We Do

Community Engagement

When it comes to bond election campaigns, our experience, focus, and hard work can help you achieve your goals. Our experts will guide you through the process of bond master planning, through election day and beyond, with a supportable plan to maximize community participation and support. Our quality data and expert analysis help to foster informed decisions, and together we create a clear, defined course of action through accountability and consistent, professional communication.

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Featured Work

Sycamore Science Department Renovation

After thoroughly evaluating the specific needs of this project, our experienced team worked with stakeholders to design a 21st-century learning environment that meets the needs of today’s students and staff.

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Groveport Madison
High School

This master-planned school features an interactive performing arts center and lunch room, as well as an open veranda to create a welcoming community feel.

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A Timeless Portfolio

With more than seven decades of providing service above expectation, our portfolio of award-winning architecture, master planning and interiors projects encompasses all aspects of the commercial built environment. From education facilities set to inspire future leaders to office spaces of the future, we deliver projects that are defining our communities of tomorrow.

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