Our experienced interior designers create sustainable, high-performance environments that improve collaboration, inspire occupants, and attract the best employees. At VSWC, we study clients’ educational/business drivers and culture to create spaces which help them flourish. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility, and ease of use. For our team, a successful interior design solution is creative, environmentally progressive, and creates a lasting impact unique to the client’s mission.

"Great interior space has extraordinary effects on our wellness and productivity. VSWC’s design solutions use space, color, materials, energy and lighting as tools to create healthy environments that enhance performance and overall quality."

— Catie Davison, Director of Interior Design

Comprehensive Approach

Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality, and sustainable performance. Our projects vary greatly in range and scope, from offices and cultural venues to entire academic and civic buildings, and each of our interior design solutions supports the client’s individual culture, mission, and purpose.

"Working with all types of institutions and businesses, we listen, engage and immerse ourselves in our client's culture, mission, values and objectives. We blend intensive research, planning and design to create environments that meet strategic academic and business objectives and support people while they learn, work and heal."

— Lauren Cameron, Interior Designer

Featured Work

Reagan Elementary School

With bright colors and simple geometric shapes, we achieved a timeless yet modern look to suit elementary schoolchildren.

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Countryside YMCA

The family-centered YMCA addition features a zero-entry leisure pool, lap pool, running track, multi-use gym, and indoor synthetic turf soccer field. Our interior focus was a clean design which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

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A Timeless Portfolio

With more than seven decades of providing service above expectation, our portfolio of award-winning architecture, planning and interiors projects encompasses all aspects of the commercial built environment. From education facilities set to inspire future leaders to office spaces of the future, we deliver projects that are defining our communities of tomorrow.

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